Choosing Sanitary Waste Bins For Your Office Bathrooms


Running an office is naturally an arduous and never-ending task, and it's easy to lose sight of the little things when you're managing a hundred other things at once. However, one of these 'little' things can be critically important -- proper facilities for your employees to dispose of sanitary waste, such as tampons, sanitary towels and syringes.

These items cannot simply be tossed into ordinary, open topped bins, as doing so presents an enormous risk to the health of your other employees. Happily, sanitary bin manufacturers offer a range of sealed, sanitary bins for disposing of all kinds of sanitary waste, and these bins are ideal for installing in the bathrooms and changing rooms of your office suite.

Bins for sanitary towels and tampons

Sanitary towels and tampons are designed to expand when they come into contact with liquid (they wouldn't be much use to anyone otherwise), so flushing them down the toilet as you would toilet paper can swiftly lead to damaging and expensive blockages. As such, sanitary bins for the proper disposal of used tampons and sanitary towels should be installed in every single female toilet cubicle on your premises. 

Depending on your budget, these bins can be very basic affairs with simple, foot pedal operated lids. Despite their simplicity, these basic models are very effective for sanitary disposal and preventing cross-contamination, but you can make life easier for your female employees by opting for high-end bins with extra features. Some of these features include no-touch opening mechanisms, which used motion sensors to open and close automatically, and scented, anti-bacterial inserts that can be very effective at reducing unpleasant smells.

Sharps disposal bins

These bins are robust affairs, and are designed for the safe, sanitary disposal of used syringes. They are a vital addition to your bathrooms if any of your employees suffer from conditions that require them to use syringes, such as diabetes and certain types of haemophillia -- syringes left in ordinary bins present a very serious infection risk to other employees, especially the staff who empty them.

These bin types come in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, so finding a sharps disposal bin that suits your office bathrooms should not be difficult. Due to their infrequent use and the small size of most syringes, they can afford to be very compact, and some models can be wall mounted for added convenience and easy disposal. They are also available in a wide variety of vibrant colours, a necessary precaution to prevent non-syringe users confusing the sharps bin for a regular sanitary waste unit.


11 April 2017

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