Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Stormwater Pits on Your Property


If your property has a drainage problem, a stormwater pit can be a good solution. This pit is placed in an area that is at risk of flooding, and it helps capture water to drain it away from the property. Note a few commonly asked questions about a stormwater pit so you can know if it's the right choice for your property.

Can it be installed by a homeowner?

A stormwater pit isn't just a hole in the ground or an underground trench; the pit acts as a drain face, which is connected to pipes that continue to direct water away from the property. These pipes might be directed to the street, or they may actually be connected to the city sewage and water pipes.

The pit also needs to be engineered properly for the amount of stormwater you will expect it to collect; a pit that isn't very strong may easily collapse under the weight of the water. One without a proper drain covering can readily clog as it washes leaves and other debris into the drain. For all these reasons, it's best to have a stormwater pit installed by a professional.

Will it get in the way of the lawn or landscaping?

Your contractor will need to locate the stormwater pit in an area of water runoff; the pit won't accomplish much if it's located at the top of an incline or the property's grade. However, if you're worried about how it might detract from the lawn or your landscaping, discuss your options with the contractor; he or she may suggest grading the property so you have more control over where the water runs, and this can give you more options for where to place the stormwater pit.

Does a stormwater pit need maintenance?

The pit drain itself will have a cover or grate that catches leaves, mud, twigs and other debris, and this cover and the entry to the pit will need regular cleaning. Your installer can note how often you should expect to have this done on your property; this will depend on the amount of rainfall you get in your area, as well as how much debris that water catches as it drains. As an example, a property with lots of trees will mean more leaves to clean from the pit, and if you mow your lawn without bagging the clippings, these can also clog the pit and cause it to need more frequent cleaning.

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24 April 2017

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