Where's the Best Spot to Position a Skip Bin?


Once you've made the decision to hire a skip bin, you need to think about where you can actually position it. It needs to be placed in a convenient spot (because you're going to be lugging a lot of potentially heavy material to it), but it also needs to be in a spot that is convenient for the skip bin services company, since it's going to be delivered by truck. So what are some of your options?

On Your Driveway

It's probably easiest for the skip bin company to simply place the bin on your driveway. It can offloaded from the truck with minimal fuss and will be in a convenient spot for you to fill it up. Of course, unless you have a rather wide driveway, you're going to have to make other arrangements for your vehicles, since getting them in and out of your garage will be problematic. Park your vehicles on the street for the duration of the hire period if that's possible.

On Your Front Lawn

If your front yard is not fenced, you might wish to position the bin there. This means that your driveway remains clear, but this placement is not without problems. Having a rather heavy load on your grass will leave you with an unsightly rectangular section of dead (or at least noticeably unhealthy) lawn. You can largely overcome this inconvenience by placing the bin on two sufficiently-sized planks of wood. Naturally, the grass directly underneath these planks of wood will still be adversely affected, but this is vastly preferable to having to sacrifice a comparably larger section of lawn.

On the Street

Maybe you can't easily place the skip bin on your driveway or your front lawn. It can be possible to place the bin on the street directly outside your home, or even on the nature strip. This is not always automatically permitted. Permission will be needed from your local council, and this permission requires a permit fee. Have a word with the skip bin company, since they might be able to arrange the permit for you and have it included in your overall rental price.

Even then, permission is subject to certain conditions, such as whether or not the bin will cause any obstructions, like access to certain utility access points (electricity and stormwater drains). The bin will also need to be positioned in a spot where it won't obscure the view of motorists, whether they're driving along your street or even your neighbours as they enter and exit their driveways.

So remember that when you hire a skip bin, you also need to consider the best spot to position it. If positioning the bin becomes too problematic, you might need to think about hiring a smaller bin and arranging two services—filling the smaller bin and having it replaced with a second smaller bin.


25 April 2017

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